Chapter 23- Section 1- Group 2

  1. What kind of ships had been used for years? ("? ships")  
  2. What did these ships burn?  
  3. What quote described the range of these steam-powered ships?  
  4. What were people called if their religion or their culture differed from those of the West? ("? people")  
  5. What poem expresses the idea of Western superiority?  
  6. Who wrote "The White Man's Burden"?  
  7. What was the French mission to apply their way of life to "backward" people called? ("? mission")  
  8. What is the word for an area in which a foreign nation gained total control over a given region and its local population?  
  9. What is the word for a government of a colony in which the local ruler keeps his title but officials of the foreign power actually control the region?  
10. What is the word for two nations that rule a region as partners?  

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1. steam-powered ships
2. coal
3. from coal to coal
4. backward people
5. The White Man's Burden
6. Kipling
7. civilizing mission
8. colony
9. protectorate
10. condominium