Chapter 23- Section 2- Group 1

1. Which empire controlled most of the region of North Africa?
2. What were the Muslim seafarers who operated off the coast of North Africa and took a heavy toll on Mediterranean shipping called? (plural)
3. What does the word "barbary" mean?
4. What religion did the Berbers convert to?
5. What are the four Muslim states that are mentioned? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?; ?")
6. What were these four states called?
7. What are these countries now called? (corresponding; "?; ?: ?; ?")
8. Which country did a French force occupy, arrest the ruler, and settle down to stay?
9. For how many years did the French have to deal with local rebellions and violence? (ex. "123 years")
10. Which small country with a long history lies east of Algeria?

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1. Ottoman Empire
2. Barbary pirates
3. of the Berbers
4. Islam
5. Algiers; Morocco; Tripoli; Tunis
6. Barbary States
7. Algeria; Morocco; Libya; Tunisia
8. Algeria
9. 40 years
10. Tunisia