Chapter 23- Section 2- Group 2

1. What is the capital of Tunisia?
2. Which empire did Tunisia belong to?
3. What was the the Turkish ruler called?
4. When a commission of the bey's creditors was estabilshed to restore order and reorganize Tunisia's finances, which nations had representatives in thsi commission? (alphabetically;"?; ?; ?")
5. What was the agreement Great Britain and France made over Tunisia called?
6. Which nation received Tunisia? What did the other nation receive? ("?; ?")
7. What was Tunisia declared by the French as? ("a ?")
8. What area did France want in order to protect its interests in North Africa?
9. What was Morocco along that made it a tempting prize for imperialist nations?
10. Which country took the necessary risk to acquire Morocco and eventually received it?

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1. Tunis
2. Ottoman Empire
3. bey of Tunis
4. Great Britain; France; Italy
5. Congress of Berlin
6. Great Britain; Cyprus
7. a protectorate
8. Morocco
9. Strait of Gibraltar
10. France