Chapter 23- Section 2- Group 3

  1. Which country was in a bitter dispute with France over Morocco?  
  2. In exchange for France receiving Morocco, where did Germany receive territories?  
  3. Which country acquired the small northern strip of Morocco?  
  4. Which city in Morocco came under international control?  
  5. What was the Turkish viceroy in Egypt called?  
  6. Who was the head of the French company that gained a concession to build a canal?  
  7. Where was this canal going to be built?  
  8. Which nation's government bought almost half of the stock in the company?  
  9. Who was the khedive when the canal was completed who had little concern with financial management?  
10. Pasha increased the foreign debt of his government by more than how many times? (ex. "12")  

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1. Germany
2. West Africa
3. Spain
4. Tangier
5. khedive
6. Lesseps
7. Isthmus of Suez
8. Egypt
9. Pasha
10. 20