Chapter 23- Section 2- Group 4

  1. Which nation bought the stock from Egypt and had virtual control of the canal?  
  2. What is the vast geographic region of savannas south of the Sahara called?  
  3. What was the name of the toehold the French had on the Red Sea?  
  4. Who organized a revolt in the Sudan?  
  5. What was his title? What does this title mean?  
  6. What place did Mahdi and his troops capture?  
  7. Who led Great Britain's force to counter Mahdi's troops?  
  8. Who won? (Madi or Kitchener?)  
  9. What was the place called where Kitchener won?  
10. Who led the French expedition with a small force of Senegalese soldiers?  

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1. Great Britain
2. Sudan
3. Somaliland
4. Ahmad
5. Mahdi; Islamic savior
6. Khartoum
7. Kitchener
8. Kitchener
9. Omdurman
10. Marchand