Chapter 23- Section 2- Group 5

1. How long did this expedition last? How many miles of tropical rain forest did it cover? (ex. "12 years; 1,234 miles")
2. Which place on the upper Nile River did Marchand and his force reach and raise the French flag?
3. Who reached Fashoda and insisted that the French flag be lowered?
4. What flags did Kitchener want raised? (ex. "Israeli; Russian")
5. What was the agreement that the British and French negotiated on called?
6. Which nation was recognized as the master of the Sudan?
7. In return for this, the French had their possessions in where recognized?
8. What is the region lying to the west of Egypt called?
9. What type of climate covers mose of Tripoli?
10. What empire did Tripoli belong to?

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1. 2 years; 3,000 miles
2. Fashoda
3. Kitchener
4. British; Egyptian
5. Fashoda Incident
6. Great Britain
7. West Africa
8. Tripoli
9. desert
10. Ottoman Empire