Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 1

1. When the French pushed inland into Africa, which ancient city did they claim?
2. What was the vast area in Africa that France claimed called?
3. What is the place called today that was an example of Europeans meeting fierce resistance in their drive to colonize Africa?
4. Who was the ruler of Senegal who signed an agreement?
5. Which nation did Toure sign the agreement with?
6. For how many years were the French unable to subdue Toure and his forces when France broke the agreement? (ex. "12 years")
7. In another example of heroic resistance, the king of which country resisted the French?
8. Which area particularily interested the British?
9. What is the Gold Coast called today?
10. When the British thrust inland from the Gold Coast, what powerful African kingdom did they come against?

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1. Tombouctou
2. French West Africa
3. Senegal
4. Toure
5. France
6. 7 years
7. Dahomey
8. Gold Coast
9. Ghana
10. Ashanti