Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 2

  1. Into which territory east of the Gold Coast did the British also expand into?  
  2. Which great river of Africa did Nigeria get its name from?  
  3. Which port city did the British annex?  
  4. After British military forces crushed all African resistance, what did they make Nigeria? ("a ?")  
  5. By the 1900s, all of West Africa was claimed except which place that was settled by freed slaves from the US?  
  6. When Stanley failed to interest the British government in the vast area he had explored, who did he turn to who did want the region?  
  7. What nation was Leopold II king of?  
  8. How big was the personal empire that Leopold II carved out?  
  9. What was the area in Africa that Leopold II ruled?  
10. What government did Leopold II transfer ownership of the Congo to? (ex. "the German government")  

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1. Nigeria
2. Niger
3. Lagos
4. a protectorate
5. Liberia
6. Leopold II
7. Belgium
8. 900,000 square miles
9. Congo
10. the Belgian government