Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 3

  1. Which city was founded north of Leopold II's Congo?  
  2. Which French person founded Brazzavile?  
  3. This layed the basis for french claims to an area kwon as the what?  
  4. When the French extended their claims to the northeast and gained a large region north of the congo, what region did the French Congo join?  
  5. What did French West Africa and the French Congo combine to create?  
  6. Which ancient empire was the only part of East Africa that wasn't a or part of a colony?  
  7. Which nation had invaded Ethiopia?  
  8. Where did the Ethiopian army defeat the Italians, thus ensuring their country's freedom from foreign domination?  
  9. To where did the Italians unintentionally bring a fatal disease? To where did the Russians bring the same disease? ("?; ?")  
10. What is the name of this fatal disease?  

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1. Brazzaville
2. Brazza
3. French Congo
4. French West Africa
5. French Equatorial Africa
6. Ethiopia
7. Italy
8. Adwa
9. Eritrea; Sudan
10. rinderpest