Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 4

  1. What type of animal carries rinderpest? (plural)  
  2. What percent of cattle did rinderpest kill, leading to widespread starvation? (ex. "12 percent")  
  3. European settlement of South Africa began with the founding of what region as a resupplying station for ships sailing to the East Indies?  
  4. What kind of settlers founded Cape Town? (ex. "Israeli" settlers)  
  5. What did Cape Town grow to become?  
  6. During which wars was Cape Colony seized by another nation? Which nation? ("?; ?")  
  7. What were the descendants of the original Dutch settlers who left Cape Colony when the British took control called?  
  8. What was the language that the Boers spoke called?  
  9. The Boers made three colonies out of the new territories they moved into. What was the one in the southeast called? West? North?  
10. Which people did the Boers come in contat with while moving into the new territories?  

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1. cows
2. 80 percent
3. Cape Town
4. Dutch
5. Cape Colony
6. Napoleonic Wars; Great Britain
7. Boers
8. Afrikaans
9. Natal; Orange Free State; Transvaal
10. Zulu