Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 5

  1. The Zulu people were what kind of people?  
  2. Who was the leader of the Zulu at the time?  
  3. When the Boers and Zulu people went to war with each other over the new territories, which country joined the war? Which side did they take? ("?; ?)  
  4. In what region were there discoveries of vast reserves of gold and diamonds?  
  5. What country declared a protectorate, hoing to find rich mineral reserves?  
  6. Over what territory did Germany declare this protectorate?  
  7. Which British speculator is closely associated with the territorial movement the British did from the south?  
  8. Where did Rhodes go in hopes of finding a climate that would improve his health?  
  9. What type of fields in Cape Colony did Rhodes move into?  
10. Within how many years did Rhodes control the South African diamond production? (ex. "12 years")  

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1. Bantu
2. Shaka
3. Great Britain; Boers
4. Transvaal
5. Germany
6. Southwest Africa
7. Rhodes
8. Cape Colony
9. diamond fields
10. 20 years