Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 6

  1. What did Rhodes later call the huge territory farthern north that he established?  
  2. Rhodes sent several hundred adventurers into Rhodesia in search of what?  
  3. When a colleague of Rhodes tried but failed to topple the Transvaal government, which nation apparently supported the attempt?  
  4. This caused hostility between Great Britain and which people?  
  5. How many years of costly fighting did this lead to? (ex. "1 year")  
  6. Who won? (British or Boers?)  
  7. A federal constitution in 1910 united which four regions? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?; ?")  
  8. What were these four regions now called? Which country countrolled this union?  
  9. The settlement of which war, also known as what, laid the basis for the later development of a system of complete racial segregation in the Union of South Africa?  
10. Which five nations practiced direct rule in Africa? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?; ?; ?")  

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1. Rhodesia
2. gold
3. Gerat Britain
4. Boers
5. 3 years
6. British
7. Cape Colony; Natal; Orange Free State; Transvaal
8. Union of South Africa; Great Britain
9. South African War; Boer War
10. Belgium; Grance; Germany; Portugal