Chapter 23- Section 3- Group 7

  1. Which country practiced indirect rule?  
  2. What term means that the imperialist power controls all the levels of government and appoints its own officials to govern?  
  3. What word means the system of governing colonies in much the same way that parents guide their children?  
  4. What term means that a governor and council of advisers make colonial laws, but the local rulers exert some authority?  
  5. What word means the process in which the people of a colony abandon their local cultures and adopt all aspects of another countries culture?  
  6. Which country encouraged assimilation?  
  7. What fraction of the earth's land surface was part of the British empire? (ex. "one-tenth")  
  8. In West Africa, profits that Africans earned from the rubber trade helped finance the cultivation of what type of plants? ("? plants")  
  9. In which country did the British support cultivation to give rise to a large class of wealth peasant producers?  
10. What did the British encourage production of in Uganda?  

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1. Great Britain
2. direct rule
3. paternalism
4. indirect rule
5. assimilation
6. France
7. one-fourth
8. cocoa plants
9. Uganda
10. cotton