Chapter 23- Section 4- Group 1

  1. The British government ruled India directly after which rebellion? ("? Rebellion")  
  2. What fraction of India did British India make up? (ex. "four-seventh")  
  3. How many states did the rest of India consist of? (ex. "123")  
  4. What were the people who headed the states called?  
  5. Through which person did the British government control the local princes?  
  6. What was the name of the method that the British government used to control both British India and Indian states?  
  7. What civilization did the British take this method from? ("? civilization")  
  8. What industry almost disappeared in India because of British influence? ("? industry")  
  9. The British imposed themselvse in Indian society as a what?  
10. What did signs that were posted in railway carriages, waiting rooms, and park benches say?  

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1. Sepoy Rebellion
2. three-fifths
3. 550
4. local princes
5. viceroy
6. divide and rule
7. Roman civilization
8. handicraft industry
9. super-caste
10. for Europeans only