Chapter 23- Section 4- Group 2

  1. Which two religions had a large impact in India and stressed age-old customs and respect for tradition? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  2. Before British rule, only which Indian people were educated? (plural)  
  3. Which political party advocated the approach in which India would advance toward independence gradually and by democratic methods and keep certain aspects of Western culture and industry that could benefit India?  
  4. Which people wished to revolt against Western culture and Islam? (plural)  
  5. Which group did Muslims form to protect their interests in India?  
  6. European influence in Japan became strong after the overthrow of what shogunate?  
  7. What were the emperors that ruled Japan called?  
  8. Which people in Japan exercised real power like the emperor and hadgrown impatient under the strict, hereditary system in which birth, not ability, counted? (plural)  
  9. What is the change from the Tokugawa shogunate to imperial government called? (start with "the")  
10. For how many years had Japanese commoners been denied the right to own swords? (ex. "123 years")  

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1. Hinduism; Islam
2. Brahmans
3. Indian National Congress
4. Hindus
5. Muslim League
6. Tokugawa
7. Meiji
8. samurais
9. The Meiji Restoration
10. 300 years