Chapter 23- Section 4- Group 3

  1. After the Tokugawa period, which city became the new imperial capital? What name did it later receive? ("?; ?")  
  2. The new constitution in Japan established a two-house national assembly called the what?  
  3. Which nation was the first nation in Asia to industrialize?  
  4. What territory interested Japan the most? (start with "the")  
  5. The Korean Peninsula was a dependency of which nation for a long period of time?  
  6. Japan later secured a treaty with China that opened how many Korean ports to Japanese trade? (ex, "123")  
  7. China then allowed Korea to make similar treaties with now many Western nations? (ex. "123")  
  8. When a rebellion broke out in Korea and both Japan and China sent armed forces to end it, what war broke out between Japan and China?  
  9. What does "sino" mean?  
10. Who won the Sino-Japanese War?  

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1. Yedo; Tokyo
2. Diet
3. Japan
4. the Korean Peninsula
5. China
6. 3
7. 6
8. Sino-Japanese War
9. Chinese
10. Japan