Chapter 23- Section 5- Group 1

  1. Which kingdom was on the eastern border of India?  
  2. Which nation had interest in Burma?  
  3. Which island guarded the enterance to one of the most vital trade routes in the world?  
  4. What trade route did it guard?  
  5. Singapore is on the tip of which peninsula? ("? Peninsula")  
  6. Great Britain extended its influence north of the Malay Peninsula up to the southern border of what nation?  
  7. What is Siam known as today?  
  8. In which sea did French merchants gain trading rights?  
  9. France forced China to give up its claim to the area in southeast China and became the dominant power in what became known as what?  
10. The British on the Malay Peninsula and the French in Indochina nibbled at the borders of what nation?  

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1. Burma
2. Great Britain
3. Singapore
4. Strait of Malacca
5. Malay Peninsula
6. Siam
7. Thailand
8. South China Sea
9. French Indochina
10. Siam