Chapter 23- Section 5- Group 2

  1. What is the name for a small country that is located between two hostile powers and often lessens the possibility of conflic between them?  
  2. What nation became a buffer state between the French in Indochina and the British in the Malay Peninsula?  
  3. Which company was formed in 1602 and became corrupt in the late 1700s?  
  4. The Dutch East India Company was formed to exploit the island possessions of what region?  
  5. The most serious rivalry over territory in the Pacific involved which islands? ("? Islands")  
  6. Which nation played a major role in the Samoan Islands because of its interest in them? (two words)  
  7. Which harbor city did Americans gain the right to use as a trading post, coaling station, and naval base?  
  8. On which island was Pango Pango?  
  9. Which two nations secured similar rights in other parts of the Samoan Islands? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
10. After rivalry between the three nations over the Samoan Islands grew and a system of joint control failed, which nation withdrew its interests? What war was it preoccupied with? ("?; ?")  

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1. buffer state
2. Siam
3. Dutch East India Company
4. Netherlands
5. Samoan Islands
6. United States
7. Pango Pango
8. Tutuila
9. Germany; Great Britain
10. Great Britain; South African War