Chapter 23- Section 5- Group 4

  1. Who gave orders for the United States to engage in the first attack of the Spanish-American War?  
  2. How many cruisers and how many gunboats did Roosevelt have attack? (ex. "12; 12")  
  3. which commodore was in command of these cruisers and gunboats?  
  4. From which harbor did these ships attack?  
  5. Which harbor did the ships move into?  
  6. What islands was Manila the capital of? ("? Islands")  
  7. Which islands and which territory did the United States take control of? ("? Islands; ?")  
  8. Who led the Filipino locals in the fight for independence from the United States?  
  9. What type of warfare did the Filipinos use? ("? warfare")  
10. What island did United States take possession of along with the Philippine Islands and Guam? ("? Island")  

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1. Roosevelt
2. 2; 2
3. Dewey
4. Hong Kong
5. Manila
6. Philippine Islands
7. Philippine Islands; Guam
8. Aguinaldo
9. guerrilla warfare
10. Wake Island
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