Chapter 20- Section 1- Group 2

1. What waterfall mentioned in the book provides hydroelectric power?
2. Which engine uses a portable fuel supply of oil or gasoline and burns fuel inside a closed cylinder? (ex. "?-? engine")
3. Which three pioneers mentioned in the book helped in the field of the internal-combustion engine? (ex. "?; ?; ?")
4. Which two people built the first successful gasoline-driven automobile in the United States? (ex. "Tomer and Dan Ovadia")
5. Which American inventor produced his first automobile?
6. Which two people were the first people to succeed in flying an airplane in powered, sustained, controlled flight? (ex. "Tomer and Dan Ovadia")
7. Where did the Wright brothers first succeed in flying? (ex. "Los Angeles, California")
8. How long did the first flight last? (ex. "456456 hours")
9. How many feet did the first flight cover? (ex. "79696986 feet")
10. What is the term for the principles governing the movement of air around objects?

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1. Niagara Falls
2. internal-combustion engine
3. Daimler; Benz; Renault
4. Charles and Frank Duryea
5. Ford
6. Wilbur and Orville Wright
7. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
8. 12 seconds
9. 120 feet
10. aerodynamics