Chapter 20- Section 2- Group 4

1. What three dimensions had scientists before Einstein, such as Newton, thought the universe consisted of? (alphabetical order) (?; ?; ?)
2. What fourth dimension did Einstein introduce?
3. What is Einstein's four-dimensional system called? ("the" is the first word)
4. Which student of Thomson discovered that the behavior of atoms reveals their atomic structure?
5. What are the sciences dealing with living organisms called? ("? sciences")
6. What are the basic units of living matter?
7. Which German Scientist expanded the cell theory and stated that the cause of diseases are outside forces or agents?
8. Which concept states that all the different kinds of plants and animals had been created at one time?
9. Which concept states that the thousands of kinds of modern plants and animals had evolved from common ancestors of long ago?
10. Which French biologist suggested that living things changed their form in response to their environment?

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1. breadth; depth; length
2. time
3. the space-time continuum
4. Bohr
5. biological sciences
6. cells
7. Virchow
8. special creation
9. evolution
10. Lamarck