Chapter 20- Section 2- Group 5

  1. Which British biologist made Lamarck's theory popular?  
  2. How many years did Darwin spend studying plants? ("? years")  
  3. What was the name of the book in which Darwin published his theory of evolution?  
  4. Which scientist believed that there were always more creatures born than could survive?  
  5. Which theory states that offspring are born different from their parents and that those that are positively different will live to reproduce while the others will perish?  
  6. What is the study of the ways in which inborn characteristics of plants and animals are inherited by their descendants called?  
  7. Which Austrian monk founded genetics?  
  8. What type of plants did Mendel work with? ("? plants")  
  9. Until the late 1800s, how many out of how many children died while very young? (ex. "123 out of every 456") )  
10. What is the name for one dreaded disease common among children that swept through cities in periodic epidemics?  

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1. Darwin
2. 25 years
3. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
4. Malthus
5. survival of the fittest
6. genetics
7. Mendel
8. pea plants
9. 2 out of every 3
10. smallpox