Chapter 20- Section 2- Group 6

  1. What is the name of the principle in which a patient is treated with a mild case of a disease in order to immunize that person from the major disease?  
  2. What is a substance injected during inoculation called?  
  3. Which Engilsh physician made a vaccine for smallpox?  
  4. What mild disease similar to smallpox did Jenner use to make a vaccine for a boy?  
  5. What is the name for the process in which certain living things, including bacteria, sprang to life out of nonliving matter?  
  6. Which scientist proved that bacteria reproduced like other living things and traveled from place to place in the air?  
  7. What process can turn grape juice into wine or milk into sour milk?  
  8. What process did Pasteur develop that heats liquids to kill bacteria and prevent fermentation?  
  9. What are two names for baceria that cause diseases in animals and humans? (? or ?)  
10. Which other germ that causes a disease often fatal to both animals and humans did Pasteur experiment with?  

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1. inoculation
2. vaccine
3. Jenner
4. cowpox
5. spontaneous generation
6. Pasteur
7. fermentation
8. pasteurization
9. germs or microbes
10. anthrax