Chapter 20- Section 2- Group 7

  1. What does the body produce to fight against germs?  
  2. What is the term for a minute organism smaller than bacteria?  
  3. Which virus did Pasteur use the process of inoculation against?  
  4. What is the term for a substance used to cause unconsciousness or eliminate pain?  
  5. Which substances were used to dull the senses of a patient before the development of anesthetics? ("? and ?")  
  6. Which substances were discovered to be anesthetics in the 1840s? ("? and ?")  
  7. What is the process of killing disease-causing germs called?  
  8. Which English surgeon studied Pasteur's work and developed antisepsis?  
  9. Which German physician made discoveries that reinforced those of Pasteur?  
10. Koch isolated the germs that cause what and other germs that cause what? ("? and ?")  

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1. antibodies
2. virus
3. rabies
4. anesthetic
5. liquor and opium
6. ether and chloroform
7. antisepsis
8. Lister
9. Koch
10. tuberculosis and Asiatic cholera