Chapter 20- Section 3- Group 2

1. What was the London police nicknamed?
2. What is the word used to refer to residential areas on the out-skirts of cities?
3. What did people originally use for a ball to play soccer, rugby, and football? (three words)
4. Which sport was among the first in Great Britain to change from an informal community activity to a professional spectator sport? (as known in the United States)
5. A young student attending which school caught a kicked ball during a soccer game and ran towards the goal with it, introducing the idea of a rugby?
6. By the 1850s, which part of a day and day were rest days for factory workers? (ex. "Monday evening and Thursday")
7. Which association drew up official rules for soccer and rugby?
8. Which American founded football?
9. What is Camp also known as?
10. What form of entertainment is named after a town in France where popular songs were composed, consisted of light, often comical theatrical performances that frequently combined dialogue, dancing, pantomime, and singing?

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1. bobbies
2. suburbs
3. inflated pig's bladder
4. soccer
5. Rugby School
6. Saturday afternoons and Sunday
7. London Football Association
8. Camp
9. Father of Football
10. vaudeville