Chapter 20- Section 3- Group 3

  1. Which place in Paris had contained the art collections of the kings of France, but later became a public museum? ("the ? museum")  
  2. Which library was opened in Paris? ("the ?")  
  3. What library was opened in London? (hint: It was formerly the British Museum's reading room) ("the ?")  
  4. What place in Paris was set aside as a public park? ("the ?")  
  5. What place in New York City was set aside as a public park?  
  6. Which famous amusement park opened in 1895 and is still in operation today?  
  7. Where is Coney Island? (ex. "Los Angeles, California")  

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1. the Louvre museum
2. the Bibliotheque Nationale
3. the British Library
4. the Bois de Boulogne
5. Central Park
6. Coney Island
7. Brooklyn, New York