Chapter 20- Section 4- Group 1

  1. What is the name for the sciences consisting of the branches of knowledge that study people as members of society and subjects such as economic development, political institutions, history, and relations among people? ("? sciences")  
  2. What did the study of politics become known as?  
  3. What new social science studied economies?  
  4. Who was one of the earliest studiers of economics?  
  5. Which French philosopher was noted for his attention to social and intellectual history?  
  6. Which ancient cities were excavated in the 1800s? ("? and ?")  
  7. What is the name for people who explore the continuity in the attitudes of human societies and in the way people relate to one another?  
  8. Which English anthropologist described the set of beliefs and behaviors that a society shares and looked at religion as it evolved in all human cultures?  
  9. What German term did Tylor adopt to describe the set of beliefs and behaviors that a society shares?  
10. What book did Tylor write?  

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1. social sciences
2. political science
3. economics
4. Smith
5. Voltaire
6. Troy and Mycenae
7. anthropologists
8. Tylor
9. kultur
10. Primitive Culture