Chapter 20- Section 4- Group 3

  1. What is the word that refers to the mental processes of which a person is unaware?  
  2. Which Austrian physician introduced the concept of revolution?  
  3. What did Freud call the process of revealing and analyzing the unconcious?  
  4. What is the name of the book Freud wrote in which he discussed this process?  
  5. What three words refer to schooling free of charge for all, regardless of social class?  
  6. Which Englishwoman urged her government to improve women's education sufficiently to allow women to attend the universities?  
  7. What school later became known as Mount Holyoke College?  
  8. What two colleges in Great Britain are part of Cambridge University today? ("? College; ? College")  
  9. Which occupation became an accepted and respected occupation in the 1800s?  
10. Which two new inventions set type by machine instead of by hand? ("the ?; ?")  

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1. unconscious
2. Freud
3. psychoanalysis
4. A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
5. free public education
6. Davies
7. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary
8. Girton College; Newnham College
9. journalism
10. the electric-powered rotary press; linotype