Chapter 20- Section 5- Group 1

  1. In which movement or period did people start appealing to sentiment and imagination and dealing with life as it used to be or as they thought it should be? ("?; ?") (first answer has two words, second answer has one word)  
  2. Which three romantic poets wrote some of the classics of literature? (?; ?; ?; ?)  
  3. Which book was written about knighthood?  
  4. Who wrote Ivanhoe?  
  5. Which book was also set in medieval times?  
  6. Who wrote the Hunchback of Notre Dame?  
  7. Which book tells about three people who roamed France in the dayas of a cardinal? Which cardinal? ("?; Cardinal ?")  
  8. Who wrote The Three Musketeers?  
  9. Which brothers in Germany collected the famous fairy tales that bear their names? ("the ? brothers")  
10. Which drama tells about liberty and is about a Swiss hero?  

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1. romantic movement; romanticism
2. Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Coleridge
3. Ivanhoe
4. Scott
5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
6. Hugo
7. The Three Musketeers; Cardinal Richelieu
8. Alexandre Dumas
9. the Grimm brothers
10. William Tell