Chapter 20- Section 5- Group 2

  1. Who wrote William Tell?  
  2. What is the name of the story of a man's bargain with the devil?  
  3. Who wrote Faust?  
  4. Which American author wrote adventure stories that idealized the Indian and the frontier?  
  5. Which American author produced romantic stories?  
  6. Where were Irving's stories set in?  
  7. Which German composer brought to music what British poets brought to literature?  
  8. What symphony did Beethoven make that expressed his love of nature and was devoted entirely to evoking the atmosphere of the countryside?  
  9. In which opera did Beethoven call for liberty and freedom?  
10. Which composer composed powerful symphonies and concertos that were classical in form and surged with rich, intensely emotional music?  

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1. Schiller
2. Faust
3. Goethe
4. Cooper
5. Irving
6. New York's Hudson River valley
7. Beethoven
8. Pastoral Symphony
9. Fidelio
10. Brahms