Chapter 20- Section 5- Group 3

  1. Which three authors brought to their music the lyric quality of romantic poetry? ("?; ?; ?")  
  2. Schubert and Schumann are especially remembered for their great songs known as what?  
  3. Which Polish-born composer wrote graceful yet dynamic piano pieces?  
  4. What is a symphonic piece based on a literary or philosophical theme called? ("? poem")  
  5. Which Hungarian used native folk songs and dances in some of his compositions and developed the tone poem?  
  6. Which Russian wrote highly emotional and melodic symphonies, operas, ballet music, and orchestral works?  
  7. Which story did Tchaikovsky write that was on Napoleon's defeat at Moscow?  
  8. What other two stories mentioned in the book did Tchaikovsky write? ("?; ?")  
  9. Which great Italian operatic composer's best-known works contain some of the most beautiful and dramatic music ever written for the human voice, were highly nationalistic, and inspired a generation of Italians who were not yet politically united?  
10. What are the two best-known works of Verdi's mentioned in the book? ("?; ?")  

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1. Schubert; Schumann; Mendelssohn
2. lieder
3. Chopin
4. tone poem
5. Liszt
6. Tchaikovsky
7. Overture
8. The Nutcracker; Romeo and Juliet
9. Verdi
10. Otello; Aida