Chapter 20- Section 5- Group 5

  1. What is the real name of the woman who wrote realistic novels, one of which focuses on country life of the Victorian period? (full name)  
  2. Under what name did Mary Ann Evans write as? (full name)  
  3. What book did Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) write that focused on country life of the Victorian period?  
  4. Which book portrayed war not as a romantic adventure but as a vast confusion of misery and death?  
  5. Who wrote War and Peace?  
  6. Which Norwegian dramatist brought human problems onto the theater stage?  
  7. What play did Ibsen produce that advocated the equality of husband and wife in marriage?  
  8. What is the name of the form of realism that portrays everyday life in different parts of a huge country?  
  9. what two books did Mark Twain write that portrayed regionalism? ("?; ?")  
10. What were writers who carried realism even further by describing the ugly and sordid aspects of everyday life and carefully screening emotion and opinion from their writings called?  

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1. Mary Ann Evans
2. George Eliot
3. Middlemarch
4. War and Peace
5. Tolstoy
6. Ibsen
7. A Doll's House
8. regionalism
9. Tom Sawyer; Huckleberry Finn
10. naturalists