Chapter 20- Section 5- Group 6

  1. Which French novelist was a leader of the naturalist approach and wrote as if he were a scientist objectively studying and carefully recording all human activities and exposed shocking conditions in industries that led to reforms?  
  2. Which English novelist often wrote about the poor people of London?  
  3. Which two French artists portrayed people and everyday life in the industrial age? ("?;?")  
  4. What are the people called who started a new kind of realism that gave vivid impressions of people and places as they might appear in a brief glance and experimented with small patches of different colors placed side by side to create shimmering effects?  
  5. Which two people were leading impressionist painters? ("?; ?")  
  6. Which artist began to move beyong surface appearances to explore the abstract qualities of color and design?  
  7. Which artist stressed color and simple, flat shapes in his paintings?  
  8. Which artist painted many decorative scenes of southern France and also emphasized design at the expense of realism?  
  9. Which Dutch painter expressed intense emtions in his work and used thick blobs of pure color, swirling brush strokes, and distorted perspectives to make no pretense of realism?  
10. Which three painters painted scenes of Parisian life in their own personal style? ("?; ?; ?")  

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1. Zola
2. Dickens
3. Courbet; Daumier
4. impressionists
5. Monet; Renoir
6. Cezanne
7. Gauguin
8. Matisse
9. van Gogh
10. Degas; de Toulouse-Lautrec; Manet