Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 2

  1. How many out of how many Englishmen could vote after the Reform Bill of 1832? ("? out of every ?")  
  2. Which party forced the passage of the Reform Bill of 1832? ("the ? Party")  
  3. The Whig Party later changed its name to what? ("the ? Party")  
  4. Which party consisted of large landowners who had opposed the reforms and hesitated to go any further? ("the ? Party")  
  5. The Tory Party later changed its name to what? ("the ? Party")  
  6. When the Parliament passed an act that provided for the gradual abolition of slavery throughout the British Colonies, children under what age were granted freedom? (ex. "20 years")  
  7. How many years did those that were above 6-years-old have to wait in order to receive freedom? (ex. "50 years")  
  8. Which British laws set high tariffs on imported grain in order to protect expensive British grain from competition with cheaper foreign crops?  
  9. What word means voting rights?  
10. Which group petitioned Parliament to adopt reforms such as universal manhood suffrage? (ex. "the Abc's Association")  

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1. 1 out of every 30
2. the Whig Party
3. the Liberal Party
4. the Tory Party
5. the Conservative Party
6. 6 years
7. 7 years
8. Corn Laws
9. suffrage
10. the Workingman's Association