Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 3

1. In which document did the Workingman's Association publish their proposals?
2. What were those that supported the Workingman's Association and A People's Charter called? (plural)
3. Which reform bill almost doubled the number of those who could vote and extended the vote to most city industrial workers? (start with "the")
4. When William IV died, who took his place?
5. What was Victoria in relation to William IV? (ex. "his brother")
6. How long did Victoria's reign last? (ex. "1234 years")
7. What was Victoria's reign called? (start with "the")
8. Which two prime ministers dominated the political era in the Victorian Era? (alphabeticalls, "? and ?")
9. What party did Disraeli lead? ("? Party")
10. How many times did Disraeli serve as prime minister? (ex. "123")

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1. A People's Charter
2. Chartists
3. the second Reform Bill
4. Victoria
5. his niece
6. 64 years
7. the Victorian Era
8. Disraeli and Gladstone
9. Conservative Party
10. 2