Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 4

1. Disraeli became prime minister after who resigned?
2. Which party did Gladstone lead? ("the ? Party")
3. How many terms did Gladstone serve? (ex. "1234")
4. Who complained about Gladstone's formality by saying, "Mr. Gladstone addresses me as if I were a public meeting."?
5. Which act did Gladstone create that made a national elementary education system? (ex. "the Abc Act of 2005")
6. Under Gladstone's leadership, what kind of ballot did Britain adopt? (ex. "the abc ballot")
7. Which reform bill was pushed for by Gladstone and other liberals and gave the vote to most agricultural workers? (start with "the")
8. Which bill divided Britain into electoral districts approximately equal in population? (start with "the")
9. Which act joined Ireland and Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland? (start with "the")
10. What religion were the Irish mostly? (two words)

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1. Lord Derby
2. the Liberal Party
3. 4
4. Victoria
5. the Education Act of 1870
6. the secret ballot
7. the third Reform Bill
8. the Redistribution Bill
9. the Act of Union
10. Roman Catholic