Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 5

  1. The Irish who remained in Ireland wanted self-government, also known as what? (two words)  
  2. What was the socialist organization aimed at "reconstructing society in accordance with the highest moral possibilities" called? (start with "the")  
  3. The Fabian Society helped Liberals and Conservatives found which organization? (start with "the")  
  4. Which prime minister led the Liberal Party in making laws that provided for child care, old-age pensions, better housing, and health and unemployment insurance?  
  5. Which bill took away the lords' power to veto tax and appropriation bills and allowed them only to delay passage of other bills? (start with "the")  
  6. Which king had to threaten the lords with creating enough new liberals to pass the Parliament Bill of 1911 in order to get them to pass it by themselves?  
  7. Parliament passed a law giving members of the House of Commons how much money (in pounds) a year in order to allow people without an independent income to be able to serve in the Parliament? (ex. "1234 pounds")  
  8. What is the name for women who wanted suffrage for all women? (plural)  
  9. Who led suffragettes in demanding suffrage for women in Great Britain?  
10. What was the name of Pankhurst's mom who was also a suffragette leader? (first name only)  

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1. home rule
2. the Fabian Society
3. the British Labour Party
4. Asquith
5. the Parliament Bill of 1911
6. George V
7. 400 pounds
8. suffragettes
9. Pankhurst
10. Emmeline