Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 6

Reformations in Parliament- Description to Reformation and Year

Each question will describe a reformation to the Parliamentary System. In the answer box, type the name of the reformation and the year (unless otherwise mentioned; ex. "Reform Act 123; 2005"). Do not start the name of a reformation with "the". Questions are from the chart titled "Reforming the Parliamentary System" on page 547.

1. permitted Roman Catholics to be elected to Parliament
2. redistributed seats in Parliament and lowered property qualifications for voting
3. further lowered property qualifications, almost doubling electorate
4. year in which the secret ballot was adopted (ex. "2005")
5. gave vote to most farm workers
6. divided Britain into approximately equal electoral districts
7. took away power of lords except to delay passage of bills
8. year in which all British women over the age of 21 were granted voting rights (ex. "2005")

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1. Catholic Emancipation Act; 1829
2. First Reform Bill; 1832
3. Second Reform Bill; 1867
4. 1872
5. Third Reform Bill; 1884
6. Redistribution Bill; 1885
7. Parliament Bill; 1911
8. 1928