Chapter 21- Section 3- Group 1

  1. The revolution that took Louis Philippe out of power did not seem serious until which group joined the rioters?  
  2. After Louis Philippe abdicated his throne, which country did he flee to?  
  3. What was the period after Louis Philippe was removed called? (start with "the")  
  4. What were established after Louis Philippe's rein to give people work?  
  5. Who was the founder of modern socialism?  
  6. When the Second French Republic held elections to elect a president, who did the voters choose? (most common name)  
  7. What was Louis Napoleon in relation to Napoleon? (ex. "uncle")  
  8. What device did Napoleon use that Louis Napoleon also used? (one word)  
  9. When Louis Napoleon held a plebiscite to allow him to draft a new constitution, what was the result in favor? (ex. "123 to 1")  
10. When Louis Napoleon's plebiscite passed, how long did he allow himself to be president for? (ex. "123 years")  

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1. National Guard
2. England
3. the Second French Republic
4. national workshops
5. Karl Marx
6. Louis Napoleon
7. nephew
8. plebiscite
9. 12 to 1
10. 10 years