Chapter 21- Section 3- Group 2

  1. What did another plebiscite change Louis Napoleon's title to?  
  2. What type of government did the Second French Empire look like it was under? What was it really under? ("?; ?")  
  3. What type of Christianity did the Russians defend? What type did the French defend? ("?;?")  
  4. The Russians and French protected the people of this religion who were living under the rule of who? (start with "the")  
  5. In which place did Russia and France claim jurisdiction over the holy places?  
  6. Which religion did the Ottoman Turks give privileges to? (Orthodox or Roman Catholics?)  
  7. Which country did the Ottoman Turks and France ally with to prevent the Russians from achieving priviliges for the Orthodox Christians?  
  8. The war that resulted with the Ottoman Turks, France, and Great Britain against Russia was mainly fought where?  
  9. What was this war called? (start with "the")  
10. What is the name of the famous poem that describes one tragic event of the Crimean War?  

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1. Emperor Napoleon III
2. democracy; absolutism
3. Orthodox; Roman Catholics
4. the Ottoman Turks
5. Palestine
6. Roman Catholics
7. Great Britain
8. Crimea
9. the Crimean War
10. The Charge of the Light Brigade