Chapter 21- Section 3- Group 3

  1. Who was the author of "The Charge of the Light Brigade"? ("?, Lord ?")  
  2. In "The Charge of the Light Brigade", how many horses charged across a valley and were cut to pieces by enemy fire? (ex. "123")  
  3. Under Napoleon III (Louis Napoleon), what canal did the French build in Egypt? ("the ?")  
  4. Who did Napoleon III install as Mexico's ruler?  
  5. Who lead the Mexicans in overthrowing and executing Maximilian?  
  6. What is the celebration of Mexico's freedom from France called?  
  7. Which country did Napoleon III go to war with because it was trying to unite the German states?  
  8. Who was the leader of the Prussians who fought back against the French?  
  9. What is this war between Prussia and France called? (start with "the")  
10. At which battle did Napoleon III fall into the hands of the Prussians? ("the battle of ?")  

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1. Alfred, Lord Tennyson
2. 600
3. the Suez Canal
4. Maximilian
5. Juarez
6. Cinco de Mayo
7. Prussia
8. Bismarck
9. the Franco-Prussian War
10. the battle of Sedan