Chapter 21- Section 4- Group 2

  1. What were the people who converted Indians to Catholicism called? (plural)  
  2. Which king of Spain sent peninsulars to take over the top jobs in colonies that were being filled by creoles? (start with "King")  
  3. Which creole revolutionary stated, "The hatred that the Peninsular has inspired in us is greater than the ocean which separates us."?  
  4. On which French colony did the first successful revolt in Latin America take place? Which island was this colony on? ("?;?")  
  5. Which freed slave united mulattoes and blacks in taking control of Haiti? ("?-?")  
  6. Which priest started the first important independence movement in Mexico by leading an army of Indian peasants against the Spanish, but was eventually executed?  
  7. Which priest took Hidalgo's place and was later captured and shot?  
  8. Which Spanish king did the upper-class Mexican creoles look favorably upon for help from the rebels?  
  9. Which upper-class militia general took matters into his own hands against the rebels but was soon overthrown by other generals? What did he proclaim himself? ("?;?")  
10. What federal union did representatives from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica meat to form? (start with "the")  

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1. missionaries
2. King Charles III
3. Bolivar
4. Haiti; Hispaniola
5. Toussaint-Louverture
6. Hidalgo
7. Morelos
8. Ferdinand VII
9. Iturbide; Emperor Augustin I
10. the United Provinces of Central America