Chapter 21- Section 4- Group 3

  1. In which place did the first revolt in Latin America against Spain take place?  
  2. What country did La Plata form once it declared its independence? (start with "the")  
  3. What did the United Provinces of La Plata later become?  
  4. What country declared its independence around the same time that La Plata did?  
  5. Who led a long and bloody civil war in South America?  
  6. What did the Latin Americans call Bolivar?  
  7. In which place, also Bolivar's native city, did Bolivar first start a revolt?  
  8. After being unsuccessful in Caracas, where did Bolivar raise another army?  
  9. Where did Bolivar defeat the Spanish with the army he raised in Venezuela?  
10. What country did Bolivar become president of?  

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1. La Plata
2. the United Provinces of La Plata
3. Argentina
4. Paraguay
5. Bolivar
6. the Liberator
7. Caracas
8. Venezuela
9. Boyaca
10. Great Colombia