Chapter 21- Section 4- Group 4

  1. Which Argentine general gathered an army and made a difficult crossing of the Andes?  
  2. Where did Martin take his troops after crossing the Andes?  
  3. Who was leading the Chilean forces when Martin met with them?  
  4. Which city in Peru did Martin and O'Higgins capture?  
  5. Which country did Martin declare independence for after he helped defeat the Spanish?  
  6. When Martin withdrew from Peru and gave control to Bolivar, in which city did he have a major victory over the Spanish?  
  7. Which place in Peru, which had forces loyal to Spain, did the revolutionaries achieve total victory, making Peru free?  
  8. What country did Upper Peru become in honor of Bolivar?  
  9. Which Portugal king fled when Napoleon invaded Portugal? Where did he flee to? ("?;?")  
10. Who did Brazilian creoles want to become the ruler of an independent Brazil?  

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1. Martin
2. Chile
3. O'Higgins
4. Lima
5. Peru
6. Junin
7. Ayacucho
8. Bolivia
9. King John VI; Brazil
10. Pedro