Chapter 22- Section 1- Group 2

  1. Which group wanted an Italian republic?  
  2. Who was the chief minister or premier of Sardinia?  
  3. What was Cavour's slogan?  
  4. Which politically powerful group did Cavour expel from the Sardinia?  
  5. In which war was Sardinia allied with France and Great Britain?  
  6. Which country had control of part of northern Italy which was the greatest obstacle to Italian unity?  
  7. Which two regions of northern Italy were under Austrian control? ("?;?")  
  8. Which country did Cavour and Sardinia ally with to drive Austria out of northern Italy? Who was the leader of this country at the time? ("?; ?")  
  9. Which French-speaking regions were part of Sardinia when Cavour promised to give them to the French in return for aid against Austria? ("?;?")  
10. Which country declared war first? (Austria, France, or Sardinia?)  

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1. liberals
2. Cavour
3. A free church in a free state
4. Jesuits
5. Crimean War
6. Austria
7. Lombard; Venetia
8. France; Napoleon III
9. Nice; Savoy
10. Austria