Chapter 22- Section 1- Group 3

1. In which three regions did Italian patriots overthrow their Austrian rulers and asked to be annexed to Sardinia? ("?; ?; ?")
2. Napoleon III was afraid which nation might ally with Austria?
3. How many months after the war began did Napoleon sign a secret armistive with Austria? (ex. "123 months")
4. Under the terms of Napoleon's agreement with Austria, which region would go to Sardinia?
5. Which king agreed to the French terms, fearing that they might lose even the partial victory?
6. Along with Modena, Parma, and Tuscany, which province in the Papal states also revolted?
7. What kingdom did the southern half of the Italian Peninsula and the large island of Sicily make up?
8. Which family did the king of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies belong to?
9. Which Italian nationalist led the way to Italian freedom?
10. In which region was Garibaldi born?

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1. Modena; Parma; Tuscany
2. Prussia
3. 3 months
4. Lombardy
5. Emmanuel II
6. Romangna
7. Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
8. Bourbon
9. Garibaldi
10. Nice