Chapter 22- Section 1- Group 4

  1. In what place was Garibaldi involved in a revolutionary plot?  
  2. To where did Garibaldi have to flee after the plot in Piedmont?  
  3. After returning to Italy and fighting in the revoultions of 1848, where did Garibaldi flee to before returning to Italy again?  
  4. After returning to Italy, how many soldiers did Garibaldi recruit with the assistance of Cavour?  
  5. What did Garibaldi's soldiers call themselves?  
  6. Which nation did Garibaldi and the Red Shirts invade?  
  7. What was the capital of Sicily that Garibali and his forces seized?  
  8. Who was the ruler of Sicily that Garibaldi and his forces removed from Naples?  
  9. When Cavour sent forces to stop Garibaldi from capturing all of Italy, what territory did Sardinia annex most of?  
10. In which city did Cavour convince Garibaldi to abandon his plan to conquer the entire Italian Peninsula?  

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1. Piedmont
2. Latin America
3. United States
4. 1,100
5. Red Shirts
6. Sicily
7. Naples
8. Francis II
9. Papal States
10. Naples