Chapter 22- Section 1- Group 5

1. What was the capital of Sardinia in which representatives of the various states met to confirm a leader of Italy?
2. Who became leader of Italy?
3. The new Kingdom of Italy included all of Italy except for which two places? (alphabetically; "?; ?")
4. Who ruled the Papal States? (start with "the")
5. To which place did Napoleon III send forces to prevent the Italian nationalists from seizing it?
6. In which war did Italy take Venetia from Austria?
7. Which war caused Napoleon III to recall his troops from Rome and allow the Italians to enter?
8. Which city was proclaimed the capital of the kindom of Italy?
9. How many times larger was the army of Sicily than the army of Garibaldi? ("? times")
10. What was the secret society in Italy called that was like a state within a state and which the central government was powerless to control?

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1. Turin
2. Emmanuel II
3. Papal States; Venetia
4. the pope
5. Rome
6. Seven Weeks' War
7. Franco-Prussian War
8. Rome
9. 20 times
10. Mafia