Chapter 22- Section 2- Group 1

  1. Which nation dominated Prussia and limited the size of the Prussian army? Who was the leader of this nation at the time? ("?; ?")  
  2. In which battle did the Prussians defeat Napoleon?  
  3. Which two groups did Prussia join? ("?; ?")  
  4. What did the Congress of Vienna turn the Confederation of the Rhine into?  
  5. To which river did Prussia extend to after the Congress gave Prussia territory? ("? River")  
  6. What were the aristocratic landowners of Prussia who wanted freer movement of goods called?  
  7. What was the customs union that later included almost all of the German states except Austria called?  
  8. Who was the king of Prussia?  
  9. Who did William I appoint to the head of the Prussian cabinet?  
10. Who said that German policy could not be carried out by "speeches and majorities . . . but by iron and blood."  

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1. France; Napoleon I
2. Waterloo
3. Congress of Vienna; Quadruple Alliance
4. German Confederation
5. Rhine River
6. Junkers
7. Zollverein
8. William I
9. Bismarck
10. Bismarck