Chapter 22- Section 2- Group 2

  1. Which two small states were on the border between Denmark and Germany? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  2. Which of these two duchies was mostly German?  
  3. Which of these two duchies was made of a mixture of Germans and Danes?  
  4. Which king came to the Danish throne and tried to annex Shleswig to Denmark?  
  5. Which two countries went to war wth Denmarck because of this? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  6. What was this war called? (start with "the")  
  7. How long did the Danish War last?  
  8. Which country demanded that the two dutchies form a single state within the German Confederation?  
  9. Which country received Shleswig? Which country received Holstein? ("?; ?")  
10. Which two countries did Bismarck make sure wouldn't ally Austria in the case of a war between Prussia and Austria? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  

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1. Holstein; Schleswig
2. Holstein
3. Schleswig
4. Christian IV
5. Austria; Prussia
6. the Danish War
7. 3 months
8. Austria
9. Prussia; Austria
10. France; Italy